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Lucy has written over 30 short stories. Several have been nominated for or won awards. Three books collecting some of her short stories have been published, while other short stories have been published in a wide variety of anthologies and magazine.


Albert & Victoria/ Slow Dreams

This story about New Zealand’s glaciers and their naming has been published in Baggage ed Gillian Pollack (Eneit Press 2010) Buy Baggage from Eneit Press.


My Lady Tongue & Other Tales

The Man Hanged Upside Down Reprinted in Tales of Magic Realism by Women ed. S. Sturgis (Crossing Press, US).
Quartet in Death Minor Reprinted in The Oxford Book of Australian Ghost Stories ed. K Gelder.
Montage Reprinted in Matilda Told Such Dreadful Lies
My Lady Tongue Ditmar winner 1989, reprinted four times.
Red Ochre Lucy's first film option! Reprinted twice, including the upcoming Australis Imaginarium ed. Tehani Wesley (Fablecroft, 2010)
The Parish and Mrs Brown Reprinted in Glass Reptile ed. Van Ikin (CSAL)
Go-To Translated into Japanese, Hayakawa’s SF magazine
The Lipton Village Society This story led to a letter from a children’s editor suggesting Lucy write in that genre - "So I did!"
God and Her Black Sense of Humour

A story about vampire groupies














A Tour Guide in Utopia

Matilda Told Such Dreadful Lies Originally published in the World Fantasy-award winner Dreaming Down Under ed. Dann and Webb

The Queen of Erewhon Originally in F&SF, appeared in Year’s Best SF 5 (2000) ed. Hartwell
The Gloaming Set around Melbourne’s General Cemetery. Originally illustrated by Trudi Canavan
La Sentinelle

Won two awards, shortlisted for the IHG

A Tour Guide in Utopia Originally ‘commissioned’ by The Bulletin, reprinted in The Australian Women’s Stories ed. K. Goldsworthy (OUP)
Kay and Phil Reprinted in The Penguin Book of Modern Fantasy by Women (won the World Fantasy Award against "She’s Fantastical")
The Lottery Originally ‘commissioned’ by The Bulletin
The Ghost of Mrs Rochester Originally illustrated by Shaun Tan


Frozen Charlottes Selected for The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror 18 (eds. Datlow, Link & Grant), also Encounters ed. B. Oakley


Absolute Uncertainty

Appeared in F&SF, translated into Czech and Polish













Absolute Uncertainty

A similar lineup to "A Tour Guide in Utopia", but with the addition of:


About Margaret Cavendish, the utopia-writing Duchess of Newcastle and fashionista

A Small Star of Cold Also published as "The Revenant". The Revenant was published in Eidolon I.
A Sentimental, Sordid Education The product of a sudden fascination with Cabaret Voltaire



Matilda Told Such Dreadful Lies: the essential Lucy Sussex


The best of the previous anthologies, with one addition




Kay & Phil  
My Lady Tongue  
The Lottery  
Robots & Zombies, Inc.  
Albert & Victoria/Slow Dreams
















Short stories published in other anthologies

The Parish and Mrs Brown Dreamworks: Strange New Stories (Norstrilia Press, 1983) 
The Lipton Village Society Strange Attractors (Hale & Iremonger, 1985)  
Montage Urban Fantasies (Ebony Books, 1985)
My Lady Tongue Matilda at the Speed of Light (Angus & Robertson Childrens, 1988) 
The Bogeyman Spine Chilling: Ten Horror Stories (Omnibus, 1992) 
The Lottery The Lottery: Nine Science Fiction Stories (Omnibus, 1994)
Kay and Phil Alien Shores  (Aphelion, 1994) reprinted in The Penguin Book of Modern Fantasy By Women (Penguin, 1997)
The Lady with the Ermine Strange Fruit: Tales of the Unexpected (Penguin, 1995)
The Ghost of Mrs Rochester Eidolon #21, Autumn 1996
Adeline Aurealis #18  (1996) 
Merlusine The Horns of Elfland (Penguin, 1997)
Matilda Told Such Dreadful Lies Dreaming Down-Under (Tor Books, 1998)
The Queen of Erewhon The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction September 1999 
The Morgue Tales from the Wasteland: Stories from the 13th Floor (Hodder Headline, 2000)
The Gloaming Eidolon No.29/30, Autumn 2000
Absolute Uncertainty The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction April 2001
The Work of Giants — Minimus' story The Road to Camelot (Random House Australia, 2002)
Frozen Charlottes Forever Shores (Wakefield Press, 2003)
Runaway Agog! Terrific Tales (Agog! Press, 2003) (also known as Runaways)
La Sentinelle Southern Blood: New Australian Tales of the Supernatural (Sandglass Enterprises, 2003)
Matricide The Year's Best Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy: Volume Two (Mirrordanse Books, 2005) 
The Revenant Eidolon I (Eidolon Books, 2006)
Mist and Murder New Ceres #2 (Twelfth Planet Press, 2007). Winner of the Julius Vogel Award 1998 for Best Short Story. Translated into Russian
Ardent Clouds About volcanos and their lovers, appeared in The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy ed. Datlow (Del Ray, 2008)
Robots and Zombies, Inc Published in Dreaming Again (Eos, 2008) ed. Dann. Do you want to know the truth about Ronald Reagan, Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher?
Riot on the State Library Lawn

Books behaving badly… Published in Overland in short form. Contact Lucy for the longer, better form.

Something Better than Death Aurealis #42 (2009). About the musicians of Bremen, a Grimm tale retold without a skerrick of Freud. Reprinted in Cat Tales (ed. Datlow)


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